creativity inspired


— Jordan —

Hey, gang! I’d like to extend a deep gratitude to you for making it to my webpage.

Photography has been apart of my life for 15 years. It all started when my Mom gave me my first film camera when I was 12. In high school I was often found in my school’s photography dark room, where my passion really blossomed. In 2015, I graduated with an A.A.S. in Photography & Digital Imagery from the Minneapolis Community and Technical College in Minneapolis, MN. Starting out in weddings was undoubtedly a great way for me to get my feet wet and to grow my photography network. In the last year I have started to expand my portfolio into the food + beverage realm. I am finding that I genuinely love working with local businesses to help expand their customer base + to grow their brands.

Whether you’ve got photography needs for your family, for yourself, or for your business, I’m your gal. I’m drawn toward colorful people who are passionate about life + who don’t forget to have a little fun in the mean time. My Dad has always told me to not take myself too seriously, life’s too short.

So, I urge you to explore what it is that inspires you, what fuels your creative juices. Around here there is no judgment, only encouragement. And maybe some dancing, too.

This, is creativity inspired.